Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another One from the Junior Blogger!

Only three days have passed in the four weeks of the RBK summer intensive program, but already the performance numbers are taking shape. The youngest group, group D (fourth and fifth grade graduates), is working on the well-known song “Footloose.” The choreography includes very energetic strumming of air guitars, kicks, and very vigorous steps and snaps.

Group C and B are learning the words and steps to “I’ve got the Sun in the Morning” (from Annie Get Your Gun). It is still unclear as to who is tap-dancing in the intro, so everyone is learning all of the parts. Yesterday, group B learned the infamous “power step.” It is the most difficult step that we have learned in RBK.

Group A is always in a different studio than I am, but I think that they are doing some Fosse dancing. Group B is also going to be split into small group of two to three for some other acts. “Matchmaker” and “Stepsisters Lament” are some of these more individual performances. We can’t wait for the final performances!

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