Friday, July 24, 2009

One Week To Go!

There is only one more week left of the RBK summer intensive! :( My group has learned many songs and dances during the past three weeks. We have a complicated tap dance and song for Sun in the Morning (from Annie Get Your Gun), another song and dance (but not with tap shoes) to Show People from the musical Curtains, and we are singing the well known song Happiness. Two B girls are sing Stepsisters Lament from Cinderella, two B boys are singing Side By Side, 3 girls are singing Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof, and two girls and I are singing I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Out of My Hair from South Pacific. We're all a little nervous about the smaller group songs because this is the first time (for most of us) we have had to sing with only one or two other people. Our first performance is next week on Thursday, and we have another one on Friday. Yay!

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Petra said...

That sounds so exciting! And like so much fun! What a great collection of songs - oh how I WISH I could see you all up there in the bright lights singing and dancing and making memories!

Break a leg!

: ) Petra