Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clever Choreography

Yesterday afternoon the B team started learning choreography to a song called "Show People". There is one section in it that has a kick-line tempo, but Thecla, our choreographer, doesn’t want to do the obvious. So, instead of a kick-line, we are going to form a triangle with our bodies facing the left and our faces looking at the audience. Then we walk sideways to the beat, raising our arms and shaking our hands. Lori came in to watch that and the following choreography, which was very cool, and then she left and came back with some other people. They watched us do our combination over and over until our class was over.

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Anonymous said...

Thecla sounds like a good choreographer! I check on your blog every day because it reminds me of a camp I participated in when I was your age. Go JB!