Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The First Performance

Our first performance of the summer was today! It was the special performance for Rosie's friends and present/future donors to RBK. It was a big pressure knowing that all of these famous people would be watching us, but instead of detracting from our performance, we danced and sang better than before! This being an exclusive performance, it wasn't the same as the ones on Thursday and Friday are going to be. Group B only sang/danced to Show People from Curtains, Group C tapped to a song from Ain't Misbehaving, four C girls sang What's New at the Zoo, and two B girls sang Stepsisters Lament. We were a sort of opening to the show, and after us group A performed excerpts from their original musical. It used to be called Nothing Will Ever be the Same, but they changed the name and now it's called My Life: Today. The audience seemed to like us, which is always a plus, and no one made any blaring mistakes. Yay! :) Only two (I think) more performances left. Aw. :(

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Petra said...

Junior blogger(s), you are doing a great job of sharing your excitement and allowing us a peak into your world. Thank you!

Please ask if some video of your performances can be put up on the site so we can see how all the hard work paid off!

: ) P