Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Study Room

The study room in our new building is packed with members of the B team from one to two in the afternoon. Our classes start at two, and a lot of us arrive early to use the brand new Macs. Some people watch DVDs from the building's collection. Of course there are only musicals, like Grease, The Music Man, and more. There is also a program called photo booth on the computer that basically takes pictures through a webcam. On this computer alone, there are 319 photos! The small library is kept in this room, also, and there are several plays and a whole binder of monologues on the shelves. Of course there are DVDs of musicals, and there are several books about theatre. Time flies quickly in here, so our study room has a clock in it. There is also a schedule on the wall. I think that this is the favorite room in RBK!


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, the whole blog was absolutely fascinating. I took ballet years ago and your writing so brought back those memories of our recitals!!

Keep blogging - you are super in so many ways.


Petra said...

I am so thrilled to read that you have a library and that the kids use it. I sent some theatre books to RBK, so hopefully there are others enjoying them as much as I did!

: ) P