Friday, July 31, 2009

Junior Blogger Signs Off

Today was the last day of the summer intensive RBK program. I just have to say, "It's over already?" These four weeks have flown by impossibly fast; it feels like we were just starting yesterday. I said goodbye to all of the level D kids at two in the afternoon, and to everyone else after the performance. I didn't even experience half of the nerves before my solo as yesterday, and I don't think there were any mistakes (if there were, I sure didn't notice them). Before our show today we had a great rehearsal. Instead of just running all of the pieces over and over again, this is what we did. First, (for the example I use the three Matchmaker girls) the girls performed their piece. Then, each girl in Matchmaker chose someone who was not in that piece to replace them. The original girls stood at the piano and sang, while the replacements mouthed the words and did the choreography. This was a game to test how well everyone was paying attention when other acts were being rehearsed. My favorite replacements were for my song, I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta my Hair. I chose a boy to replace me, and the two backup singers chose boys, also. To make it less painful for the boys, we changed the lyrics to I'm Gonna Wash that Girl Right Outta my Hair. It was funny watching them do the girly choreography. After the show we all handed in our shoes and leotards (if we had borrowed them from RBK), cleaned out our lockers, and said goodbye to everybody.

I have to say goodbye to you, too, because this was my last blog entry. Goodbye!

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Petra said...

It sounds like you've all had a fantastic summer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and days with us!

Good luck in all you do. Work hard, be strong, keep your eye on the prize and good things will happen!

: ) P