Friday, July 10, 2009


Group B is starting monologues today! Two years of preparatory drama exercise have finally paid off, and today we will be trying out our first monologues. Most of us will use them for auditions into high schools. I asked Jassah and Josh for their opinions on monologues. Jassah is new at monologues, while Josh (a group A student) is used to them.

Me: How do you feel about doing your first monologue?

Jassah: I feel really excited; it’s my first to do one [monologue]. I’m going to give it my all.

Me: What is your monologue about?

Jassah: My monologue is about how this girl gets into detention for disagreeing with her teacher and calling him a chauvinistic pig that still lives in the nineteenth century with his macho head up his butt. I felt that I could kind of relate to this because I always disagree with my teachers.

Me: What are some exercises you have done in drama to get you ready to perform a monologue?

Jassah: We have done exercises where we say a sentence and give it meaning. For instance, if I were to say “I could be loved by you” I would have to mean something behind what I’m saying.

Me: What do you remember about your first monologue?

Josh: Well I was nervous and a little scared and it was hard to go into another character because I am so used to being myself and it is hard to change for your first monologue. For the second and third [monologues] it is easier.

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Jenny Seham said...

I love this interview - wanted to hear more! Great work Junior Blogger