Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dropping in on Drama Class

Today I visited the D boys’ drama class with another B teamer (a girl). We watched them run through a little scene in where they tell the story of a boy living in a town called Imagination. It involved backpacks filled with a trillion dollars, Peter Pan, Superman, and time machines. After the boys were finished with their scene, we were invited to join them in a theatre game. We all stood in a circle and passed an action and sound around. The movements were the invention of the people in the circle, and some involved King Kong impersonations, karate chops, and more. But the funniest part of class was when they played the game called A Day in the Life. You had to pick any profession you wanted and then act out your day according to cues that Tim, the teacher, gives you. Some of them include traveling to your job or getting fired. Of course, some of the boys are firefighters, or superheroes, so the antics in the music room are very… energetic. This beginner drama is how all of the A teamers got to where they are, so it is effective.

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Petra said...

It sounds like you are all having an amazing experience. Cherish each moment! Soak up as much as you can. Because one day, you'll be able to recreate the joy in your heart at what you do, just by remembering this time (or in my case, reading about yours!).

: ) P