Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tee Party

The group B kids attended a tee party today from two to three this afternoon. No, I did not mean to say tea, as in the hot beverage made in a kettle, but tee, as in tee-shirt. A friendly woman named Megan (pronounced Mee-gan) showed us how to transform old, unwanted, or too big tee-shirts into fashionable items of clothing that we would wear every day. None of us sewed a stitch; we just cut and tied the fabric. Megan demonstrated several techniques on the art of tee-shirt transformation, and then we each got our own shirt and started to work. This hour-long class was especially helpful because all of us have several oversize RBK tee-shirts that are too big or baggy to wear anywhere. Now I can make my shirt into a halter top, a hat, a tank top, or even a pair of fingerless gloves! I made a halter, but the shirt was still too baggy so I cut and tied fringe, creating a fancy back and a more fitted tee at the same time. It was a fun class, and then we went and had rehearsal.

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