Monday, July 20, 2009

Day One (Again!)

A whole new group D has arrived today to start their two weeks of RBK summer intensive. Today’s warm-up time was used to fit ballet shoes, shorten jazz pants, and locate missing dancewear. Of course, the boys were dismayed to learn that they had to take ballet every day, and the girls had difficulty putting on tights for the first time. In ballet class, all of the basics were covered, and some of the D groupers’ arches were surprisingly high during the releves. I joined in on their drama class, also, where they learned how to project their voice. I watched the D boys start to write their own acting piece for the final performance, and some of its components were skydiving, chocolate milk filled pools, and boys named Tea Biscuit. No major dramas have occurred today, and all of the missing dancewear has been located. Success!

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