Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Post from our New Junior Blogger!

This summer the RBKids Blog will feature posts from an ACTE II student participating in our 6th Annual Summer Intensive (our first at the new Maravel Arts Center).

Enjoy her first entry!

Today is Tuesday, July 7, our second day of the RBK summer intensive program. I interviewed a twelve-year-old member of Team B (who wishes to remain anonymous), the second oldest group (ages 12-13). I asked her a few questions about the new building, the program in general, and past RBK performances.

Q: What do you do during the RBK summer intensive program?

A: We do drama, ballet, tap, vocal, and theatre dance.

Q: Describe the new building.

A: It has places that we can do our homework in, a cafe so we can eat, we have a new tap studio and a ballet studio. We have our own lockers for our privacy and our own drama/vocal studio. Our computer room includes DVDs of certain plays, which is really cool because we can watch certain performances that have people that we look up to.

Q: Describe some past RBK performances that you have participated in.

A: Two years ago we did a performance based on the theme of the Harlem Renaissance. I think it was really cool because we got to try on a lot of old-fashioned looking costumes. The year after that we sang a song about freedom, and we wore clothes that sort of looked like something a hippy would wear.

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