Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The annual RBK walkathon was today! Every kid participating in the walkathon (groups A and B) raises money by asking people to sponsor them. This helps raise money for RBK, which is a non-profit program. I just found out recently that the amount of money it takes to send one kid through a whole year of Rosie's Broadway Kids is 10,000 dollars! And none of the kids have to pay anything, so it's nice to pay back a little with the walkathon. Usually we walk around Central Park, but this year we went to the High Line, an above-ground park. It was really nice because you were higher than the streets and there were lots of flowers and grasses that you don't really see in New York City. Of course, today had to be sweltering, so when we got back to our building everyone sighed with pleasure at the feel of air-conditioning. We got a sweet surprise on the roof of our building after the walk: popsicles! The walkathon is always fun because we sing all of our old and current RBK songs and raise money at the same time!

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Anonymous said...

It's great that the kids show some ownership of the program. They need to aknowledge what they are receiving. Thanks for reporting.