Monday, July 13, 2009

Week Two Begins

Two of my fellow B team members and I were together with nothing to do before class, so we found the DVD of last year’s summer intensive performance, We put into on of our brand new Macintosh computers in the study room and watched the older kids’ section of the performance. They had written a play, called Nothing Will Ever be the same, and then incorporated several already existing songs into it. So really, it was a musical. However, the opening song was original, and it was almost everyone’s favorite. The ending even had eight-part harmony! The musical was about how no one really knows who anyone else is. Some of examples of this were the basketball star who secretly loved dancing, the popular boy who was hiding the fact that he was gay, and others. At the end of the show, the audience got to their feet for a standing ovation. Some of the younger RBKids burst into tears. Hopefully our future performance will be as popular with our audience!

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